My name is Georgie and I’m a Mum of 4 year old Bella and 5 month old Hudson; and I have just started my own business! I thought I’d start a blog to share my musings about finding the right life-love balance. I could have called it a work-life balance but nowadays I feel that work is no longer the only obstacle to a happy life. Indeed, for some, work is a source of enjoyment; that is certainly something I am striving for, as I do not intend to ‘work’ for another 30 – 40 years doing something I don’t enjoy! Instead I feel that ‘life’ is in fact what gets in the way of doing things we ‘love’. If I didn’t have to do the washing, the laundry, make dinner, tidy up etc I’d be able to do more of the things I love, like spending time with my family, DJing, making things, playing with my kids, having date nights with my hubby, going for walks, travelling, to name but a few. So, I shall be exploring ways to get a better life-love balance and sharing what I get up to along the way. Thanks for looking!